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Top FAQs

Am I only limited to 200 characters for my campaign?

No, there is no such limit on the content. At E-choes we allow you to share your cause in a elaborative manner. So that people can understand your story and relate it to easily.

Do I have to be a non-profit to use E-echoes?

No, You don’t have to be non- profit to use E-echoes, at fondly we raise funds of a personal need, social cause or a creative idea.

Do we accept donations outside the country?

Yes we do except donations outside the country.

How are my donations processed?

Donations are processed with debit & credit cards only 5% of which goes into the E-echoes account and rest 95% goes to the fundraiser itself.

How do I share my campaign?

Once you are done with your campaign, you can simply share it on your social network like facebook, twitter, linkedIn and gmail.